The Non Service.

The non service is a service that has a will to form.It is contextually driven and therefore changes. The non service is the place where members of the community can outline their problems, design a vision and craft a solution to it.

The non service has no producer or a consumer. The non service repositions itself continuously. The non service is successful due to the ongoing industriousness of it’s team, and community. This includes the service users.

The non service user is seen as a member of an extended village. Their problems are both personal and systemic. The problems shared are not only their own but imply the areas we must redesign our society.

Therefore the non service is a platform for new ventures, to understand, outline and change problems in our village that are really there. The non service is safe because those the might destroy it are engaged in its ongoing creation.

An aspect of threat is transformed by the vehicular of contribution.The non service is the understanding that all of the things we need are within each other.

The non service respects all contributions as valid, but never in a way that enables bad quality, instead the non service is the ongoing struggle to create quality in all areas of life through the consistent pursuit of learning. If somebody suffers from anxiety, they must learn how to do so in the highest quality. If somebody has a story to share, they must share it in a way that expresses it that gives it the utmost respect.

The non service promotes diverse teams this includes architects, planners, as well as therepists, service designers, economists. The non service treats space itself as a form of social apparatus for change in the person.

The non service is everything a service user could never even dream of. The non service is safe because it is a palace for the end user. The non service is evolutionary because it is idea led. The only thing underpinning the non service is the continued creation and testing of ideas.

The non service is about the human geometry of social activity.




Architectural, social theory and enterprise. A.B —

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Louis Koseda

Louis Koseda

Architectural, social theory and enterprise. A.B —

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