In focus: The patch of grass on wheels.

The social license of land.

These legal parameters inform our operations in business. Legal limitations mean action and techniques need to relate to the simple logic of extension. This influences the way we look at design problems.

Land of Possibilities.

‘Patch of Grass’ explored this thin legal hairline between object and land. In this case, simply putting a patch of grass on wheels starts to make land an object. Or by extension to make an object land.

Land as a system of oppression.

To exemplify the extended impact of land models I created a Neo-Hogarthian print. The print is an accompaniment to the Patch of grass exhibition. The image showed a patch of grass in the center with two local politicians stamping on the grass as homeless people try to crawl out from underneath it. Showing how ownership of land also counterintuitively makes us hostile to those who do not own land. The thinking is that because we have a tree and root system, anything beyond this system must be ostracised.



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Louis Koseda

Louis Koseda

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